Change your coffee drinking habit into a coffee tasting experience with Mukwano Coffee Roasters

Established in 2015. Mukwano Coffee Roaster is primarily operated in Rawlins, Wyoming but has the roastery located in Casper, Wyoming. We offer single origin coffee for single bag orders, retail sales, wholesale sales, as well as monthly subscriptions. You may even be able to catch us at a local event or farmers market. We help people learn about where coffee comes from, what it really is, how to brew it, what grind setting to use, and many ways to change your coffee drinking habit into a coffee tasting experience. We want to help the everyday person experience high quality specialty coffee at home every day.


In Wyoming, coffee keeps us going, whether it's on the ranch, the oilfield, or enjoying some of the countries top hunting, camping, and fishing spots, and we want our coffee to be a staple to bring along with you.  


Coffee makes friends and friends get coffee. Mukwano gwange means “my friend” in Luganda. Mukwano Coffee was started after seeing that coffee was the main cash crop in Uganda. 


It is our aim to source primarily East African coffee from small farmers. The region has a special place in the development of the business through personal friendships and we believe in the economic development of that region through coffee farming. Many of these small farmers are feeding their families and sending their children to school because people like you drink the coffee that they grow. We source beans from widows and single mothers as well as from small farms and farmers who are giving back to their communities by providing schools and clean water sources. Many of these farms are run by families that depend on these coffee beans for their everyday living. Our beans are planted, grown and picked by real individual people, not machines, so you can experience the best quality taste and flavor in your coffee cup.


Coffee has many different flavors and tasting notes. In addition, its distinctive fruit filled, citrus, acidic, and floral flavors along with the full bodied aroma are unbeatable! Coffee that tastes so good and does so much good is a great benefit! You can enjoy every delicious cup knowing you are making a difference!











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Mukwano Coffee Roaster is located in Rawlins, Wyoming. We offer single origin coffee for single bag orders, retail sales, wholesale, as well as subscriptions. Have great coffee delivered to your door every month!

Ph: 307-321-4394 Rawlins, Wyoming