Why is specialty coffee so expensive and what does specialty mean? Essentially, specialty coffee beans are of a higher grade than most typical beans found in stores as well as being cared for differently during processing and roasting. It also means that the cost is more for this coffee when it was still unroasted/green. Coffee is graded by quality and priced accordingly. Price and quality are also a result of where the coffee came from for example Central America, Asia, Africa, etc.
Coffee takes a long time to grow, process, and then roast. A lot of care and thought goes into a roast profile for each origin, and even before that the growing and processing of coffee beans takes a lot of work on the farmers part! In the case of our beans the extra price also reflects that the farmers are being paid more fairly for their beans. Any of our beans with an "FT" are certified fair trade and we can be assured the farmers are getting the fair wage they are working hard to earn. Other are organic and reflect that no extra processing and chemicals were used to boost the growth process.
As we have moved forward from solely a specialty coffee roaster we now have opened our coffee tailer known as Joe + Dough for web ordering and our Mukwano Points system. This feature is for local residents of Rawlins, Wyoming and for events. If you are in Rawlins, passing through or attend an event that we are at you can now use this link to see our menu, place an order for pick up, and join our points program to start acquiring points redeemable for free items or store credits. Please check it out and join up!
Mukwano Points Program

If you are interested in selling Mukwano Coffee in your shop please contact us for details on pricing. We would love to get your customers great coffee too!