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Dark Flavor Profile Despription: This blend was specifically created for the Gut Check Podcast. This blend is much like the podcast, in that, it isnt a podcast for listening to at all, but more of a product that you consume.


The flavor profile you can expect are like the contents of the podcast itself; a flavor profile from cigar loving, energy drink reviewing, Downton Abby watching flavors, Re:Rapture novelists. It comes with notes of smoke, tabacco, buourbon, and toffee. You might even detect a hint of Ultragest*. This blend is a delicate cup with lively overtones, that not only taste amazing, but also gives you that energy boost you need, like a caffine kick from an old man with titanium knees. 





*Ultragest is not a real thing and is not contained in any of our's an inside joke


The Gut Check Blend (16oz)

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