Dark Flavor Profile Despription: This blend was specifically created for the Gut Check Podcast. This blend is much like the podcast, in that, it isnt a podcast for listening to at all, but more of a product that you consume.


The flavor profile you can expect are like the contents of the podcast itself; a flavor profile from cigar loving, energy drink reviewing, Downton Abby watching flavors, Re:Rapture novelists. It comes with notes of smoke, tabacco, buourbon, and toffee. You might even detect a hint of Ultragest*. This blend is a delicate cup with lively overtones, that not only taste amazing, but also gives you that energy boost you need, like a caffine kick from an old man with titanium knees. 





*Ultragest is not a real thing and is not contained in any of our blends...its in inside joke


The Gut Check Blend

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    Mukwano Coffee Roaster is located in Rawlins, Wyoming. We offer single origin coffee for single bag orders, retail sales, wholesale, as well as subscriptions. Have great coffee delivered to your door every month!

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