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How to make killer Whole 30 coffee

We started roasting coffee and started the Whole 30 within days of each other so we had an upperhand. GREAT COFFEE!

No matter what Whole 30 concoction you can think up, it still won't make bad coffee taste good.

Buy good coffee!

Freshly roasted coffee should be smooth and well.. FRESH.

If you are looking at this post that is probably because you typically drink something sweet in your coffee and you are wondering how in the world you are going to survive 30 days with out sugar in your coffee. I'm going to tell you a secret....

Buy single origin AFRICAN coffee.

African coffee is naturally sweater than many other coffees. I'm going to go one step further and sugest coffee from Rwanda. It was my go to!! It is smooth and slightly sweet and you might even like it black..

But if not

Buy a can of coconut milk in the Asian food section at a grocery store and add a little to your coffee for a creamy, sweet, slightly coconutty coffee.

Don't like coconut milk?

Try one of these:

-Add cinnamon to the grounds before you brew

-Try almond milk

-How about frothing the almond or coconut milk before you add coffee?

-Maybe you need to try a new way of brewing your coffee? French press? Aeropress? Stovetop espresso?

What's your favotite Whole 30 approved coffee?

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