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How do we roast?

Many people wonder about dark, medium, light roasts. These roast profiles all depend on the origin of a bean. Our method is to maintain all natural sugar and oil in the bean to maximize aroma and full-bodied flavor. Therefore, we do not roast our coffee as dark as many roasters and stay within light to medium dark (known as city to full city in roasting nomenclature).

Why not darker? Dark roast (also known as french roast) is known for a smoky, tobacco like taste. Though it does have some nice

flavor notes, roasting our beans within a medium range brings out the complex flavors of each type of bean we provide. Bigger producers (Starbucks, Petes, etc.) roast many of their beans darker than we ever will. They roast large batches, whereas we roast small batches, giving more control over each roast to maintain the highest level of quality.

A common myth about dark roast is that it has more caffeine. In reality, medium and light roasts have a higher caffeine content because they are roasted to a lower temperature, so the natural sugars and caffeine remain intact instead of being cooked out at a higher temperature.

Any questions? Comments? We'd love to hear from you!

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